My Collection

Over the years I have kept a lookout on eBay for people offering up NIB Tamiya kits. Not all of the boxes are in as nice a condition as I would prefer but it gets me closer to my goal of all 55 off road versions. Originally I thought I would replicate the famous Tamiya 100 style pictures and box art each one but as I realized how much less they are worth built vs still NIB I abandoned that idea. Some of my missing kits do show up from time to time but they just aren’t in the price range I am willing to pay. Ironically the kit that started it all for me, the Bruiser, I do not yet have NIB. I do however have enough parts to build about three complete versions.

If there is a YouTube icon in the row then click it to see the unboxing video. If you have a request for my next unboxing then please comment or send me a message. If the row has a green checkbox then it means I have that one New In Box (NIB).

58007Lamborghini CheetahPartially built
58015Rough Rider
58016Sand Scorcher
58023Holiday Buggy
58024Sand Rover
58027Ford F150 Ranger XLT
58028Toyota 4×4 Hilux
58029Blazing Blazer
58034Super Champ
58035Wild Willy Willys M38Shelf Queen
58038Subaru Brat
58040Lancia Rally
58041The Frog
58043The Grasshopper
58044Mitsubishi Panjero
58045The Hornet
58046Fast Attack Vehicle
58048Toyota 4×4 BruiserShelf Queen
58050Wild One
58051The Fox
58054Super ShotRestore project
58055The Boomerang
58056The Falcon
58057The Bigwig
58058BlackfootRestore project
58060Monster Beetle
58062Hot Shot II
58063Lunch Box
58065Clod Buster
58066Super Sabre
58067Thunder Shot
58070Midnight Pumpkin
58071Sonic Fighter
58073Thunder DragonPartially built
58074The Grasshopper II
58075Terra ScorcherRestore project
58078Fire Dragon
58081King Cab
58083Saint Dragon
58085Avante 2001
58086Toyota Hilux Monster Racer
58087Manta RayPartially built
58093Bear Hawk
58097Super Astute
58100Top Force

I am always interested in kits that have some level of uniqueness. These kits do not have to all be Tamiya. The following are other unique kits that I am tracking for my collection.

58017B2B Racing Sidecar
58001Porsche 934 Turbo RSR
58003Tyrrell P34 Six Wheeler
Kyosho Vanning NitroShelf Queen
56101Soaring Eagle
58519Bruiser Re-release
92018Grasshopper II Super G
44001TR-15T Nitro
56301King Hauler
58268Mammoth Dump Truck
58280 TXT-1Restore project
Some Tank
(not sure which)
This is the picture that started it all