About Me

I have been a long time RC and Tamiya fan. I started my love for RC when I was a little kid when I bought my first kit which was a Hornet. I later purchased a Bruiser in 1985 and from that moment on I could not get enough of RC. About ten years ago I got bit by the RC bug again and started restoring my original Bruiser.

I created this site so that I could start recording the restorations that I was undertaking both for my own documentation purposes and also for sharing the process with people that also enjoy the RC hobby.

I started my RC collection with the intention of acquiring each of the Tamiya first 100 off-road kits (58001-58100). I have an extensive collection of both NIB and used kits. I have decided to offload my used kits and keep the NIB to save space. These used kits are the ones that I will be using to restore. See My Collection page.

This was from a long time ago and the collection has grown over the years

Because I restore vintage kits I am always in search of vintage Tamiya NIB kits and parts from 58001-58100. Once I have completed a build I will most likely end up putting it up for sale on eBay (https://www.ebay.com/usr/vintagercgarage). I do not sell them as a business to make money but rather I do it for fun in my free time. By the time I find the right vintage replacement parts I am lucky if I break even.