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Do you love RC? Are you a NIB collector, a shelf queen connoisseur, or maybe a restoration guru? How about a little of everything? Browse below for my latest blogs or go directly to my blog page for a wider range of featured posts. Bon appetit!

Tamiya Build Toolsets

Are you considering pulling the trigger on your first R/C kit but not really sure how to start? Maybe you have a few under your belt and want to take your building to the next level? There might seem like a lot of unknowns that are getting in your way but I hope that after

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Who Wants Some Bling!

Few Tamiya buggies get more attention for their shiny gold rims than the Fox. Cha-Ching! This shelf queen build was a 2013 purchase which I bought in two lots at the time. The first lot had two used Foxes that also came with a load of NOS parts. The second lot was a good condition

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