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Do you love RC? Are you a NIB collector, a shelf queen connoisseur, or maybe a restoration guru? How about a little of everything? Browse below for my latest blogs or go directly to my blog page for a wider range of featured posts. Bon appetit!

Vintage R/C Shipping Tips

Have you ever received your used R/C in the mail and been devastated that it wasn’t packaged correctly and was damaged? This scenario is even more tragic when dealing with vintage R/Cs because its hard to source new vintage parts. This blog article will walk through some do’s and don’ts of packing R/C cars to…

Tamiya PT01 Electric Screwdriver Review

I did this review because a colleague on Discord thought it would be a good idea and when I went to research it I found almost no information on the screwdriver. I thought that was a bit weird since Tamiya tools are somewhat overpriced, but always high on quality and generally used all over the…

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