So here we go … I have been a long time RC and Tamiya fan and I started my love for RC when I was a kid only in middle school. My first kit was the Hornet. I had friends in the neighborhood that had Frog’s and Grasshopper’s and we spend considerable time bashing them around. Then one day I caught sight of the Kyosho Vanning in the trade magazines and spent the summer working to save up enough money to buy it.

When the time came to make the purchase my parents told me I wasn’t allowed to have it because it was gas powered. Disappointment could not describe my feelings at that moment. I ended up settling on my second pick, the Bruiser. What a machine that was. From then on my love for the hobby was solidified. Even today I still have my middle school folder that proudly displays my passion.

As the years of high school, college, career, and family passed schedules made it difficult to find time for the hobby. I rarely spent much time thinking about radio controlled cars. However, about 15 years ago I was cleaning out the house for a move and came across my beat up Bruiser. That reunion re-ignited my interest in the hobby. I started to clean it up and gather eBay parts to build a new shelf queen. I ended up with enough parts to even build a second that was all tricked out with custom parts.

Shortly after my re-discovery I stumbled across the famous Tamiya 100 poster that had kits 58001-58100. I had never really been interested in the on-road kits as a kid but I determined that it would be my goal to collect all 55 off-road kits. Over the years I purchased a number of used kits and spent some time taking them apart, cleaning them, and rebuilding them. I have since acquired quite a large number of kits to my collection.

Fast forward to today and I still have a number of projects that are yet to be completed. I guess my ambition got a bit ahead of my free time. In the past I have always tried to take before and after pictures of my restore projects, however they never seemed to do the hard work justice. The reason I decided to start this blog is so that I could document the before and after process of restoring a vintage RC in a more dramatic fashion. I was already doing the work so I might as well get some cool YouTube footage out of it as well. As you can probably guess, it takes considerable time to fully restore a kit. Finding time to work on it, combined with the struggle of tracking down missing and broken parts made restoration a challenge. I want to dedicate this blog to the projects I restore and use time lapse footage to help others experience the entire process.

My short list of planned projects include

  • Restoring a TXT-1 with massive upgrades like dual brushless motors, ESCs, and lipo batteries setup for personal bashing
  • Restoring 3 Fox’s that I have acquired to sell
  • Restoring a beat up Kyosho Vanning to finally fulfill my childhood aspirations

Given all that, it might take some time to get my first project posted but getting great video footage of the process is my goal. I hope to have many projects documented here over the upcoming years. I hope you enjoy following the projects as much as I do creating them.

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