TXT-1 Monster

This project started as a dream to take a Clod Buster and insert dual brushless motors, dual ESCs, and dual LiPo batteries. Boy, was that a failure. The Clod Buster’s shocks don’t have enough travel and the steering is inadequate to handle the power and speed of brushless. I later stumbled upon a Tamiya TXT-1. This one had promise. Since I already had most of the parts I needed I decided to take a chance. I acquired the TXT back in 2016. It was in decent shape but it needed some love. I immediately took it apart and spread it across the dining room table.

For some reason or another I never ended up rebuilding it so it went in the closet with the rest of my projects. About the time I was getting the itch to start this blog I came across the TXT and immediately knew that this would be my first blog project. I got half way through the rebuild when I decided I wanted to do all my blog projects in time lapse. Since I had already put some of it together I had to cheat a little. So I started my first time lapse project disassembling the build I had just put together.

The hop-up and replacement parts I needed to complete this build were extensive (the complete list is below). The original owner had upgraded the normally large tires to even bigger rock crawlers. This just increased its appeal and is probably what convinced me to make the purchase.

This project took waaaaaaaaay too long and had way too many setbacks. My ESCs stopped working mid way through the build. My replacement ESCs came with 4mm connectors so I had to find 3.5 to 4mm adapters. I realized that the servo mounts came in pairs, but one small and one big so my two packages wasn’t four but rather two so I had to order two more. To top it all off my first test run ended with me chasing a tire down the street.

Seemed like every time I completed a step I needed to wait for another part. I don’t even want to add up what the whole thing cost. Never the less it’s complete. I hope you enjoy the whole process in only a few minutes.

UPDATE: I finished the first run bash video of this project and you can check it out here!

In addition to those tires I also added

  • Dual 4370KV 9T motors
  • Dual 60A ESCs
  • Dual 5000mAh 3s LiPos
  • Four new oil filled shocks
  • New chassis internals C tree from TXT-2
  • Two new body mounts G tree
  • Two new propeller joints
  • Four new 5mm propeller grub screws
  • Two new under guards G tree
  • New large ball joints
  • Four new Integy chassis stabilizers
  • New parts G bag
  • New parts E bag
  • Two new motor plates
  • Two new Shock mounts G tree
  • Two new metal differential sets
  • Custom aluminum rear bumper
  • Front bumper assembly G tree
  • Front and rear aluminum stabilizer bars and steering rods
  • Four new aluminum wheel hubs
  • Four new aluminum body posts
  • Four new aluminum servo mounts
  • Complete bearing replacement set
  • New Traxxas TQi radio and receiver
  • Two new 1/4 scale high power servos
  • Four new aluminum bumper mounts
  • Used TXT box
  • Used TXT manual
  • New clear lexan replacement body

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