Super Astute 58097 Unboxing

The Super Astute 58097 is part of the Astute chassis line and was released in Aug of 1991 as a successor to the Astute 58080. It was an upgrade to the Astute and was created by Tamiya to be a serious contender at the race track. The Super Astute was #54 of the 55 off-road kits in the Tamiya top 100.

This post is not only my first unboxing but it is also the first time I have ventured into voice over. As with most of us, I am not all that fond of hearing my own voice played back to me so I have been reluctant to venture into these types of videos.

The Super Astute was my most recent acquisition so before I put it away in storage I thought I would provide an unboxing to inventory the entire contents. This will be the first of many unboxing posts. If you have any requests for my next one please take a look at my collection page and comment or send me a note.

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