Snow Day Anyone?

What do you get when you cross a brushless Stampede with snow chains? Lots and lots of fun! I was in middle school when I first got into R/C cars. A few of the neighborhood kids had one and we use to bash around from time to time. Getting my kids interested in R/C has generated some fun times and lots of memories.

I have always been a Tamiya guy but I collect those more than I drive them. For an all-around basher I love Traxxas. My boys have a pair of Stampede XL-5’s and I have a Stampede VXL. We always have fun when we bring them with us on trips.

I don’t remember exactly why, but the family went on a skiing trip and we brought along our Stampedes. Probably because I had just bought some new snow chains and we were headed to the mountains. I had played with snow chains in the past and they never really worked quite right. These were the perfect match. The links were not too big for the tire and they stayed on great.

The snow that day was about as perfect as you could ask for to run R/Cs with chains. Sometimes when the snow is fresh and gets too deep it is tough to drive them. On this day we had a thin layer of crust on top of the snow so the tires didn’t sink into the snow and the chains still had plenty of grip. As you can see from the video acceleration wasn’t a problem, on the other hand steering didn’t always provide the best result.

By the end of the day we had raced, crashed, slipped, flipped, spun, and jumped. Here is a little mashup of the fun that day.

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