The “Wild” One

After such an amazing experience with the Wild Willy and Ford F150 I thought I was on to something. The best of both worlds. Become an owner of an amazing build and I didn’t even have to get grease under my fingernails. My next gem of a find was an excellent build of the Wild One.

I did waver slightly from pure vintage on this one but I knew what I was getting from the listing. It used red lock nuts in place of the vintage silver ones. I could live with that since they are easily replaceable if I thought I needed to complete it to be 100% authentic. This shelf queen was produced by @michaelplatypuss and what a build it was. The box unveiling for this car was not as rewarding as the Wild Willy but I was still just as proud to own it.

I did end up reselling this one. A bit remorseful now, and not just because I sold it for a loss. This build was in deed worthy of the shelf queen status. As I was shipping out my prized possession I got the feeling I was nearing the end of my “shelf queen” phase.

Some time later I ended up buying a NIB Wild One for less than I paid for the assembled version. In the vintage R/C world that just doesn’t happen often. It did however open my eyes a little that maybe this wasn’t the best path for me. Paying a premium for someone else’s build was loosing its luster. It was the actual build that I wanted, not the ownership.

This is a quick guide to my blog series on my R/C collecting and restoring history. Listed in the order of my journey.


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