Tamiya Lunchbox Giveaway!

NOTE: This giveaway ended on 8/31/2020. The winner will be drawn on 9/5/2020.

Hello and welcome to my last post related to my Tamiya Lunch series. As a celebration of my first YouTube milestone of 100 subscribers I am going to be giving away my build of the Lunchbox re-release I made for my YouTube series. For the full history of my Lunchbox videos you can read more here. Below you will find the giveaway rules and the redemption process for the giveaway.

The rules are simple

  1. Go to my YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/c/VintageRcGarage
  2. Click the subscribe button (need to be logged in to subscribe)
  3. Go to my Lunchbox promotional video: youtu.be/hozBZdwXgyc or click video below
  4. Add a public comment that contains the text #TamiyaLunchboxGiveaway on that video. If you have a story of your Lunchbox or any other R/C that got you into the hobby please share it in your comments!

That’s it! You are entered. On August 31st 2020 if I have at least 200 NEW subscribers then I will go to the Lunchbox promotional video listed above and I will use a YouTube promotion tool to pick a random comment on my video that contains the text #TamiyaLunchboxGiveaway to determine the winner. If I am still not yet at 200 new subscribers on 8/31 as soon as I hit 200 new subscribers after that date I will be picking a winner! Multiple entries from the same user will be ignored since the random picker eliminates duplicate entries by the same user.

Reasons for invalid entries

  1. If you are not a current subscriber at the time of the drawing
  2. If you do not comment on the above video by the time of the drawing
  3. If your comment on the above video does not contain the text #TamiyaLunchboxGiveaway
  4. Vulgar or inappropriate comments will be deleted

Redemption Process

  1. The YouTube user @VintageRcGarage will post a message on your YouTube channel page sending you my email address (tim@VintageRcGarage.com) and congratulating you as the giveaway winner
  2. Send me an email saying you were the winner
  3. I will reply to your email with a “phrase”
  4. Please reply to my message in step #1 with that “phrase”. This will let me know that the email address I have is actually owned by the winning YouTube user account.
  5. Send me an email message with your mailing address so I can get the Lunchbox delivered to you
  6. You have 1 week from the date of notification to respond with your mailing address otherwise I will pick another random winner
  7. I will ship you your new Lunchbox
  8. I will announce on all my social media outlets that the giveaway is over

Here is the full Lunchbox promotional video. Good luck!

YouTube Giveaway requirements

  • Please read the YouTube Community Guidelines for giveaways
  • I clearly state that YouTube is not a sponsor and all giveaway participants release YouTube from all liability related to the giveaway
  • I will NOT use your information in any way not stated in the above rules. The winner’s mailing address will only be used to send the giveaway item to the winner. That mailing address will not be shared with anyone and will be destroyed as soon as possible.
  • I was not paid or gifted any of these items that I am giving away.


  1. Had two when I was a kid.had them years one broke so I used for parts. Then I got the good one stolen out boot of me car😤


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