Going In Circles

We all know that a boomerang is supposed to fly in a circle. Hell if you are good enough you don’t even have to move. The time I spent finding shelf queens was making me feel like I was flying in circles. Do I desire a perfect build? A restoration project? Or maybe something just good enough? Around and around I went.

I was starting to doubt whether shelf queens were a good investment. Restoration projects were time consuming and usually not profitable. When I stumbled across this Boomerang I was somewhere in the middle. It was in really good condition but I was too lazy to pull it apart and clean it.

As a vintage build it was “good”. No blemishes, a good paint job, and it shined up well. There was nothing spectacular about it though. If my childhood self had bought it and assembled it new I would have ended up with this version. Today, its NIB value has been lost and it lacks the premium build wow factor to attract the shelf queen premium.

In the end I put it up for auction on eBay and sold it for a huge loss. This one gave me neither the pride of a full restore nor the resentment of disposing of a prized possession, the worst of both worlds. In the end it showed well but here I was in a phase of mediocrity.

This is a quick guide to my blog series on my R/C collecting and restoring history. Listed in the order of my journey.


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