My First Restore

Back in 2013 I was just getting started on my journey to acquire the Tamiya top 100. Who would have thought it would be such an adventure. While looking for good deals on NIB kits I found a few used cars that looked like good candidates for a restore. One of those was a beat up BigWig (58057) that I ended up winning on eBay. I never owned one as a kid but it looked like an interesting build. Gung-ho to get started (as a naive restorer) I jumped on the project.

Fast forward some “experience” and a bit of hindsight, this ended up being the project where I learned the hard lesson of finding parts for a vintage restore. Before the rebuild was complete I ended up needing to find the following parts in order to make it whole. The whole process spanned two months of searching.

  • Tamiya Used BigWig w/ Box – $190
  • Tamiya BigWig Steering Arm Boot & Retainer – $15
  • Tamiya BigWig Screw Bag A – $19
  • Tamiya BigWig X9917 A Tree Parts – $23
  • Tamiya BigWig Large Misc Part List + ReRe decals – $153
  • Tamiya BigWig 540vz Technigold Motor – $72

The project has been complete for years but I figured I would start experimenting with some video based content for my blog. I wasn’t thinking about video at the time of the restore but I did have the sense to take some before and after pictures. This post is a small video of the before, tear down, and final restore.

For those of you that enjoy the full immersive experience you can view the video on YouTube below.

This video represents my first attempt at videography so please be kind. Like everything else in life we get better with experience.

For those of you that just want the cliff notes here are the highlights

The reveal

The tear down

The completion

This is a quick guide to my blog series on my R/C collecting and restoring history. Listed in the order of my journey.


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