Tamiya Lunchbox Giveaway Winner

So today was the day. I know there was a lot of interest in finding out the lucky winner of my Tamiya Lunchbox giveaway. I have had a lot of fun working through my entire Lunchbox YouTube series. I didn’t know much about the Lunchbox when I started the series but after finishing the it I am a true believer that this truck is a timeless classic. I had originally meant to run the giveaway for 60 days but I incorrectly set the end date in my entry rules at only 30 days. This ended up causing some problems since I didn’t realize I was going to be out of town the week the giveaway ended. Minor oversight.

I realize this delay in announcing the winner was making some entrants anxious. Today I was finally able to pick the winner and wrap up the giveaway with my winner video. Hopefully the winner follows through and I won’t need to go through this process again.

Overall the contest was a success. When I started thinking about the giveaway rules I was a little unsure how to structure the terms. The goal was to increase my YouTube subscribers so I wasn’t sure what to set as the giveaway thresholds. I didn’t want to have only 10 subscribers and give it away with little interest. I also didn’t want the giveaway to get drawn out. I chose 200 or more new subscribers and a 30 day minimum. I was please with the numbers I received.

  • Over 2,900 YouTube channel video views
  • 375 new YouTube subscribers
  • Over 200 giveaway entrants

I can’t imagine what those numbers would look like if I had actually set the duration to 60 days like I had originally intended. Thank you for all that participated. I am sure that I will end up doing this again at some point in the future, however not sure when or what that might be. The giveaway itself was a lot more work than I had imagined. My other projects have suffered.

Hopefully I can keep the interest of all my new subscribers and they don’t drop out now that the giveaway is over. Stay tuned for more. Here is the winner announcement!

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